creative thinking / smart solutions / appropriate technology
creative thinking / smart solutions / appropriate technology

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Helping you develop new ways to transport vital information to meet the demands your company is facing. Learn More

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Innovative solutions require innovative thinking. Anyone, yes you, can become a creative thinker. Learn More

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Using agile project management tools enables your teams to consistently deliver high-priority, high-quality results. Learn More

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Increasing cross-cultural awareness & actively promoting company culture is an on-going process. Learn More

My areas of expertise…

Helping you figure out how to adopt new technologies and learn new visual communication tools,

so you can successfully meet the needs and expectations of an ever-changing global market.

Learning to become a creative thinker is fun!

My creative exercise online courses are mind-expanding and heart-felt.
They will make you smile, laugh and wonder at your brilliance.

Words from Awesome Clients

Andreas Nandzik

Industrial Design Manager

Lia’s ICT workshops series helped me to improve communications with my colleagues in the US. She also gave me some additional personal coaching. From that day on, Lia helped me turn a precarious situation into something built on mutual understanding and trust. Since this time, collaboration with my colleagues in the US runs smoothly and successfully. All I can say is, thank you Lia, my success is your success.

Charlotte Otter


Lia Hadley provided me with ongoing developmental editing while I was writing a novel. She read several drafts for logic, coherence and structure and her insights were invaluable. Lia is a superb, hands-on editor and I heartily recommend her services.

David Gaulton

Project Manager

Lia’s help in technical support has been very able, particularly as an interface between my English language questions and the German speaking design and development engineers. Mere translation is not enough; an understanding of the problem is necessary in order to convey the meaning of a question – Lia does this very well.

Christine Schulze


…thank you very much for the wonderful and very individual workshop you gave me. We worked out interesting solutions for the rather difficult requirement I face daily as a lawyer: not to lose or forget important information. You also showed me efficient ways of structuring and storing away this information electronically. Thanks again, for having one or the other good laugh during the workshop.

Marie Glasemann

Programmer, Project Manager

Lia’s talent is to find holes in the technical argument in the scientific papers she edits, as well as improve the flow of language.

Walter Hermann


Thank you, Lia, for your super support, it was inspirational. Your training and coaching helped our team to know how to offer a much more professional service to our international customers. They say the work they do every year during the Paris, Milan, and New York trade shows is now enjoyable and fun.


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